Sunday, 31 August 2008

So sad.....

Today we lost our beloved little dog Tilly.
She had been ill for sometime, but was really brave and never let it get her down.
DH and I were really worried about what to do when the "time came". Neither of us wanted to take her to the vet, she hated going there so much and we really didnt want the vet's room to be her last view.

Well it was taken out of our hands at 4am on Sunday 31st August when she passed away with us stroking and talking to her.

Tilly, you brought us so much joy, you were our first pet when we got married and had our children. You gave us 10 years and we will never forget you. x x x x x

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Im a member....

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

12 years ago.....

It's been a busy few days here. It was my eldest DD's birthday on the 11th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!). Cue cringe!! Now she is 12, I have become the most embarassing person on the planet!!
Anyway, for her birthday she wanted to go to Sheffield to visit the Millennium Gallery to see the Vivienne Westwood exhibition. She is such a fan and actually owns a peice of Viv jewellery!
Well...what can I say, It was fantastic and we enjoyed it just as much as her! VW had lent a whole collection of her clothing, shoes, jewellery etc to the exhibition from the start up until now and it was so great to see how she has evolved.
She is such a talented lady!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Mamma Mia!!!

I went to the cinema with my Mum and my 2 DD's to see Mamma Mia on Wednesday evening.
I really didnt think I was going to like it much, although I love Abba, but I'd heard such good reviews about it we gave it a shot.

Well........It was FABULOUS!!!! A must see movie IMHO! It's one of those feel good toe tapping movies!
All the cast were excellent, I was especially surprised at Pierce Brosnan, who I'm not normaly fussed about, I always thought he was a bit pompous! But he showed in Mama Mia that he is willing to have a laugh at his own expense!!!

You could just tell that the whole cast must have had so much fun making it!

One thing though........why does Meryl Streep look so good in dungarees when I would look like a farm-hand????!!!

M xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Mr Bluebird...

A few weeks back we had the birds nesting in our bird house. They've done this for the past few years now and we really look forward to them coming!

I think they are blue-birds? But what do I know?

Anyway they had been chirping away and Mum/Dad were flying back and forth and we knew they must be ready to fly the nest, Im not sure how many chicks there were but most of them had gone but there was one left behind! This little fella or gal could only fly a few yards so he took to hiding in our plants until he got more confident.
Mum/Dad came back all the time to check on him and one day he was gone......

Im really missing them! Until next year!........

Monday, 4 August 2008

Im back!!!!!!

From where you ask??
No-where............Ive been such a lousy blogger, spending too much time ooohhhing and aahhing over other peoples blogs and just left my own.
So now, my (late) News Year's resoloution is to get back on track with my blog.
I will post every couple of days or so and if I dont....please bombard me with mail and ask me why the hell Im not!!!
M xx