Monday, 28 January 2008

Long time no see!....

Hi all,
Ive been really busy lately and really neglecting my blog!
You know the kind of busy where you dont have a minute to your self but nothing to show for it? Well thats been me! Mostly running around after the kids, catching up on boring stuff like washing, ironing etc!
Im off this weekend to a cottage in Wales, we are all really looking foward to it. So I will update then with some lovely pics!
See you all soon

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Out of hibernation...

Tilly is braving the cold weather and has decided to pop out of her cozy cushion to say Hello!

A day out...

Hubby was off work on Saturday so we decided to take the girls out somewhere of their choice!

They decided on Liverpool Anglican Cathedral as they are having an Anne Frank exhibition at the moment. It was really good but sad for what she went through.

Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008

Liverpool has won capital of Culture for the year 2008, and it is going to be quite an event filled year!

It all kicked off on 11th January at 20.08pm!

Lots and Lots to tell!...

Well I've been really busy over the last few days, I have finally set up my ebay i.d. I have sold clothes and bits and bobs on ebay for a long time now but I always wanted to do something different.
So my Mum and I decided to put our love of flea/antique markets to some use and look for items we could give a new life to and sell them on! We will also be including some of our own handmade lovelies now and again!
I am really excited at this venture, how often have you seen something just wonderful but not had the room well now I can still buy it but pass it on to someone like myself searching for treasures gone by!
I will keep my flickr updated with whats on offer each week! Our ebay i.d is the same as our blog but set out like this: cottage*home so please feel free to pop over when your browsing ebay!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Stormy weather....

It so blustery and rainy here at the moment, even Tilly has taken to hibernation!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Yummy honey!

Ive being dying to try out this yummy honey cake recipe for a while now, it was in a recipe book that I bought for my Dad for Christmas. I meant to copy the recipe down before I gave it to him.....but didn't!! So I waited patiently until he opened it and promptly grabbed it back to have the recipe!!!

It was so easy, virtually no mixing, just adding the ingredients until it looks like a batter.

And just look how it turned out

I managed to take a quick pic before everyone round here got their mitts onto it!!!

Here's the recipe:


175g Clear honey

150g Butter

80g Light muscavado sugar

2 Eggs (beaten)

200g Self raising flour (sifted)


55g Icing sugar (sifted)

1tbs Honey

Pre-heat oven to 180c, Butter an 18cm/7in cake tin and line with grease-proof paper

Put honey, butter & sugar into a pan with 1tbs water & heat gently until melted

Remove from heat and transfer to a bowl, mix in eggs and flour

Spoon into the cake tin and bake for 40-45 mins until springy, cool and turn out

While the cake is still warm, make icing by mixing icing sugar, honey & 2/3 tsp hot water

Spoon over cake

This has to be the moistest cake I ever had! It was delicious!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Well the fog is clearing, Im starting to feel a little like my old self!
Im going to have a go at the "tag" that Tiff at folded gingham set me! I really hope I do this right!?
The rules are: I have to list 7 weird/random facts about myself and then "tag" another 7 people!
Here goes:

1. My name is Michelle and Im a F.B.A...........Fabric buyer-aholic!! I "buy far too much fabric than I will ever use". That was my Husbands voice...not mine. Of course I will use it.................some-day! ; )
Oh ok.........I buy it because I LOVE it....not because I need it!!! There Ive admitted it!!!

2. Im a choco-holic ( bit of a holic theme going on!!!). I do LOVE chocolate and my FAVE is Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

3. I am a night owl and love the house at night when all is quiet and everyone is in bed! It's such a different feeling than being in the house alone during daytime!

4. I am desperate to learn how to crochet, no matter how many times I have tried (and flung it across the room), I just cant get the hang of it : (

5. My birthplace is also famous for The Beatles! (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)

6. We have a tiny Yorkshire terrier dog, whom I adore, but generally on the whole Im not a fan of dogs!

7. If I had to live somewhere else I would, without a doubt choose the U.S

So there you go, 7 facts about me!! Im now going to tag:

1. Priscilla (Priscilla's Cottage)
2. Abby (A Feathered Nest)
3. Deb (Homespun Living)
4. Allison (My Cozy Home)
5. Rebecca (Thrifty Goodness)
6. Karla (Karla's Cottage)
7. Linda (Somewhere in Time)

You have to list 7 weird/random things about yourself, and include a link to the person who tagged you!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Just a quick post as I am suffering from a cold, feeling extremely sorry for myself, what a way to start New Years!
I have been tagged by Tiff over at Folded Gingham, one of my fave blogs to list 7 weird/random facts about myself!!
How exciting!
As I am new to all this I am really pleased and honored to be part of it!!!!
I promise I will get round to this as soon as my head stops spinning and my nose stops running!
Thanks Tiff!