Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Happy (belated) Easter!!!

Ive been such a busy bee lately, time is running away from me!
Ive been super crafty, making more shabby chic bird house and after a long break, Ive decided to make dolls again.

The first little doll I ever made was a rag doll when I was about 13. He....(yes a he-doll!!) was made totally from old clothes all handstitched...........sadly we were parted, God knows where he is now.... anyway....I'm I made my own pattern, just a simple 5 part one (head/body, 2 arms, 2 legs).
Ive really enjoyed dressing her up, I felt like a child again, doing her hair, dressing her up.
Ive used vintage fabric, lace, ribbons etc. Its a really great way to use up all those little bits that you cant bear to throw away but are too small to do anything with!
Ive decided to give Ebay another try and she is listed there at the moment.......though Im going to find it hard to part with her!!
Take care
x x x