Sunday, 17 February 2008


Im loving primitive, and Ive decided to get back on some prim Easter crafts. The last ones I done where at Christmas and I think out of all the crafts I do this has to be my fave!

A prim Easter egg:

Prim chicks!:

Thursday, 14 February 2008

My first award!

I am so happy!
Ive been given my first award by a lovely lady!
Thank you so much Denise from Samaritan Women

Corners of my home...

Ive been dying to do one of these posts for a while now as I love seeing all of yours!
So, here are some of my fave rooms in our home.


Please excuse the candle-making! I could'nt move it once I started!



The old ottaman, I repainted and re-upholstered.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

More cake....

I decided today to make one of my most favourite desserts! Its called Manchester Tart. It must be the easiest thing ever to make and it is just divine!!
I did cheat though and use ready made pastry as I didnt have time to make any.

Pastry case
2-3tbsp Strawberry jam
1/2 pint custard
Desiccated coconut
2 Bananas (optional)


Fill the bottom of a pastry case with jam
Add sliced banana on top (this is optional, thats why I made 2 one with one without!)
Spoon custard on top of jam
Sprinkle with coconut

Put in fridge for approx 1 hour

After an hour, put kettle on, put feet up....and enjoy!!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Spring chickens...

We are getting ready for Easter & Spring over in our ebay shop.
Thought you might like a sneak preview of our goodies coming up soon!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

A weekend away....

Me Hubby and girls have just come back from a great weekend away with our dear friends Hayley and Fran and their 2 kids.
We went to a cottage in Llansantffrand, Powys, which is in Wales. (Dont worry, I cant pronounce it either!)

It was a lovely place, built in 1865!

The welsh countryside is so beautiful and we had fantastic views.

We took Tilly of course and our friends have just got a Japanese Akita puppy (8 weeks old!) who came too. They decided to bond over a few beers!!!

Tilly is far too ladylike to drink beer though, I think Buster thinks she's a snob, look at the face he's pulling! (typical male!!!)

She much prefers an old sock!!

"The road is long...."

Whilst we we in the cottage we were reading the previous guests comments, some of them said they thought it was haunted!

Yeah right we all said!

Hubby and I slept in the downstairs bedroom, when we opened the curtains the next morning this is what we found on the INSIDE of the window......

Everyone has said they did'nt do it........but who did?!

Hugs Michelle xxx