Friday, 8 August 2008

Mamma Mia!!!

I went to the cinema with my Mum and my 2 DD's to see Mamma Mia on Wednesday evening.
I really didnt think I was going to like it much, although I love Abba, but I'd heard such good reviews about it we gave it a shot.

Well........It was FABULOUS!!!! A must see movie IMHO! It's one of those feel good toe tapping movies!
All the cast were excellent, I was especially surprised at Pierce Brosnan, who I'm not normaly fussed about, I always thought he was a bit pompous! But he showed in Mama Mia that he is willing to have a laugh at his own expense!!!

You could just tell that the whole cast must have had so much fun making it!

One thing though........why does Meryl Streep look so good in dungarees when I would look like a farm-hand????!!!

M xx


Linda said...

I loved Mamma Mia too. It was such a happy feel good movie and the music I adore. I bought the soundtrack and when the movie comes out on DVD it will be on my wish list. Hugs, Linda

polka dot rose said...

hi there!
thanks for visiting our blog and introducing yourself. i would have emailed you but couldn't find an address on your profile.
your blog is lovely...i am wild about your banner. my sister, kristi, (the other half of polka dot rose) is crazy about fat little birdies..she will be sure to visit often.
ps i totally know what you mean about meryl streep looking good in jeans. i think she can wear any old thing and look great!
karla said...

I loved it too, and bought the CD on the way home and am still listening to it.

The movie got terrible reveiws, but seems like everyone I know who saw it, really enjoyed it.