Monday, 4 August 2008

Im back!!!!!!

From where you ask??
No-where............Ive been such a lousy blogger, spending too much time ooohhhing and aahhing over other peoples blogs and just left my own.
So now, my (late) News Year's resoloution is to get back on track with my blog.
I will post every couple of days or so and if I dont....please bombard me with mail and ask me why the hell Im not!!!
M xx


Priscilla said...

Hi Welcome back! Its funny how time flys, I used to post around 4 posts a month, now i am only on 2! Just post when you can, and ill see you again very soon! Hope Pendles not too far, it is a very quaint area,

Bye for now
Priscilla x

Priscilla said...

Not sure if my last comment went through.... Welcome back! Time does fly, post when you can and ill see you again very soon! I post less too these days, but you are right there is so much to see in blog land!

Priscilla x

Linda said...

Oh my gosh....Welcome back. I visit at least once a week and it is so good to see you posting were missed. Just post when you can...I love the new banner too. Hugs, Linda

Elaine said...

Good to see you posting, and thanks for the tips*wink* on SC.

Love and blessings